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"DVTranslations helped us repurpose all our training videos for our Spanish speaking market. Saving us thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend them."

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Spoken word replacement
What we mean by spoken audio replacement is that all the spoken words on the presentation will be replaced with the targeted foreign language. We then provide you with a male or female professional voice talent to record the script. We have native-language voice talents for more than 100 languages. The new voice over recording will overwrite any music used in the original video. If you want to maintain music, you’ll need to provide us with the original music track or can choose from our extensive music library.

Subtitling is another effective way to communicate your spoken words into a new language. The advantage of subtitling is that the emotions of the original English speakers are audibly communicated to your audience while they are reading the copy in the new language. Many people in your target audience may speak some English so they can follow along in both languages. Another advantage with subtitling is the original sound track remains unchanged, eliminating the investment of music remixing.

Graphic replacement
Graphic replacement is another type of translation we can do with your video. Replacing graphics is easiest if you can provide us with a version of your video without the original graphics embedded. The original video editor or producer should be able to provide you with a version without the graphics. If this is not possible, we can do some clever video tricks to mask and replace the original video graphics. We will also need digital files of logos or artwork used in the original video.

Audio and Video Production
We have a complete in house audio and video production studio. We can help create new or additional material to compliment your project.

To learn more watch our video above or read the PDF on production procedures.

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